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Version 0.5.5 - Notes

Upcoming new song: Droplets


  • The Potion Maker and his first quest.

  • Fixed a bug with the Village Leader: If you already talked to them, the event has been reset. For some, the event will play out the same as before, and you can just skip through.


    • Fixed an oversight where, if you unmuted the witch before talking to her, the Sky Sire would no longer believe that she could talk.

    • Fixed both a visual bug and crash relating to new Quick Save setting.

    • Fixed a bug that's been causing crashes under the hood for a bit now. For everyone affected, the game likely wasn't saving what lines you've actually seen, but it will now.

Version 0.5.4 - Kickstarter Now Live!

The teaser for the new area is out! Explore the Heavenly Plains and get a taste for what's in store. Expect new updates throughout the Kickstarter Campaign!


  • Heavenly Plains + Heavenly Forest.


  • Fixed typos.

Version 0.5.3 - Notes

Small patch to fix outstanding bugs, but also...

are planning to release a Kickstarter to fund the rest of the game's development, before the end of January (this time it's actually for real). We've been keeping our options open but have decided that games like this are better when you can play them all at once. A story loses a lot of its luster when you're forced to wait months for the next piece. It also eases development; since I don't necessarily work or write linearly, I have to shelve good ideas for future parts of the story in lieu of forcing out playable ideas now. I'll let you guys know when the Kickstarter goes live here.

For those who have supported us on Patreon so far, thank you so much! I'll be making a separate post on plans regarding you guys so you don't have to double-dip.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur when entering into a new area in certain cases.

  • Fixed a bug with Bite doing 0 damage.

  • Fixed a small bug with combat line dialogue.

  • Fixed a bug with some movement abilities putting units out of bounds (still).

  • Fixed an animation bug that would cause multiple animations to fail to play at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug with certain types of hitboxes not updating.


  • Toned down lock marker animation.

  • Quick Save slot in the save menu will also disappear if quick/save load is disabled.

  • Changed counter rules to always have consistent damage, instead of changing the original attack's damage.

  • Combat movement speed has been increased.

Version 0.5.2 - Notes


  • New 'Arial' font that can (minorly) support CJK characters. Some characters may still be missed (shown with a '?' in the text), and fixing these will be an ongoing effort. If your text isn't displaying properly, you can contact me through discord/email and we'll try to get that sorted out.


  • Added animations to various map markers.


  • Fixed a critical crash with the Script Reader. Future errors shouldn't cause crashes anymore, just an alert that the text given is bad.

  • Fixed a bug with the Resource Bar hitboxes being too large.

  • Fixed a bug with descriptions if using a different font.

  • Fixed a bug with the Combat Menu being too dark.

  • Fixed a bug with items becoming too small after being picking up.

  • Fixed a bug where choices/nodes/items could still be picked up in combat.

  • Fixed a bug with counterattacks sometimes literally bouncing entire attacks back.

  • Fixed a bug with popups not updating their font.


  • Quick Save/Load, Skip, and Back buttons are now smaller to help reduce clutter.

  • Lowered Volume for the new Skill Get SFX (forgot to mention that there was a new Skill Get SFX).

  • Retooled the combat animation system to have better performance.

  • Improved Skill Menu performance.

Version 0.5.1 - Notes


  • Added an 'example area' to top of the the English script file to help explain how to format text.


  • Fonts are now changeable, added the standard "Calibri" font for a non-pixel alternative.


  • Fixed a softlock with the chapel's Sheet Music.

  • Fixed a bug with the camera sometimes panning over to skills when you leveled them.


  • Added a bit of new dialogue with Innkeeper.

  • Fixed typos.

Version 0.5.0 - Notes

Hey everyone, sorry for being silent for so long. 12 weeks ago I planned to drop a ton of content in one big patch that would clean out the rest of the work needed for the current areas and give a taste of the next area.

Turns out that was a bit too ambitious. It's been far too long, so I'm splitting the changes into two patches instead. While the next area is still under construction, here are the changes for the current demo as is:


  • The (secretly) biggest change of this patch is the new possibility for translations. The base text engine was rebuilt to read from an external script file, located within the install directory of The Dark Egg. For English, nothing should be different. My blood, sweat, and tears for nothing. Insert something about bad trade deals here.

  • Official translations will not be offered for the demo as we have no way of providing or validating them. This update was for future proofing the rest of the game and making volunteer translations possible.

  • For those interested in translating, the script is located in the "Languages" folder titled english.json (on Steam, click on Manage > Browse Local Files). From here, just make a copy, rename it, and go. Important points:

      • At the bottom there is a group titled "info." Make sure to change the name in here to the language you're targeting (it shouldn't be the same name as another language file). The version doesn't matter yet.

      • Don't change any node titles (e.g. FB_1, CG_Elevator), any of the keys ("name", "lines", "choices", "ALL", "FIRST", "RANDOM", "SHOP"), and don't change the number of choices/lines.

      • Choices are formatted as "NAME_|_DESCRIPTION_|_TARGET" in the file. Translate the NAME and DESCRIPTION portions, leave the TARGET alone.

  • Hopefully it will make more sense looking at the file. I'll see if I can't make a more in-depth explanation in the future. Regardless, your file should automatically be loaded in on game start, so you can test things as you go.

  • Descriptions/Names have not been moved to the external file yet, just story text. So Items, Buttons, Stats, etc. are still locked to English for now.


  • New way to open the Cold Gate's Temple Doors.

  • A new event can occur when you travel across the bridge into the Cold Gates. To compensate for the change:

    • The entire area has reduced energy costs and travel time.

    • Siren dies faster, deals less energy damage, and uses Hailstorm slower. The Guardians also deal less damage. Each change is small, but together should make the boss easier after a more grueling Cold Gates.

  • Soulstones now can be used to ignore negative death effects. Gaze does not reduce trauma anymore, but instead lets you reset your skill tree anywhere.

  • It's once again possible to clear the Piano Puzzle without the sheet music.

  • Reworked Slide puzzle controls. Improved opening Slide Puzzle tutorial.

  • All status effects now finally display either on the sidebar (where weather used to be) or in combat for more temporary statuses. Added a bunch of new icons for this reason.

  • Short Resting at the fire has been replaced by something else.

  • New "wet" status effect. When receiving new status effects for the first time, they are highlighted.

  • A new Skip button has been added that speeds through text. An option to not skip "unseen" text (saved globally between saves) can be turned on.

  • New Quick Save/Load buttons that can be turned on in options. A one-click save system alternative.

  • Back button has been rebuilt with more predictable behavior. Holds up to 20 lines of story history.


    • New movement system that uses either WASD to move or an on-screen control stick. You can now move before and during an action, without having to click a "move" button first.

    • All 6 weapons now have their own unique minigames, with visual elements to help explain how to play. Some are a bit more complete than others, so please give feedback on how they feel to play.

      • Knife: Rapid clicking minigame remains the same.

      • Bow: Click on yourself, then drag back to aim. An arrow fires in the direction the bow faces.

      • Axe: Two circles appear at the side of your target. Click and hold until they line up over the target.

      • Sword: Click on yourself, then drag over enemies to damage them. The faster you swipe, the more damage you deal.

      • Scythe: An arc will spawn on your mouse. Click on a target, and the shape will change. On release, all units hit by the arc take damage.

      • Lance: Click on yourself, drag over an enemy to target them, then drag back. They will be pushed back by the attack, and you will charge forward based on where you released of the mouse.

    • Counterattacks have been added.

    • Combat/Skill menu moved to where choices would normally be.

    • Context Buttons (Retreat/Pick Up) now show up on the map, over the icon they refer to.

      • Pick up no longer takes a turn, but does permanently deplete your movement that turn.

    • When projectiles miss or hit terrain, they now give a notification when they disappear.

    • Arrows now appear above targetable enemies.

    • When moving, Camera no longer centers on the player, but instead just moves relative to its current position.

    • Movement effects (like the Sky Sire's wind attack) can now be resisted.

'Critical Hit' Rework:

  • The critical hit system has been removed for being unnecessarily complex. Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Crit Avoid have all been removed (you probably didn't even know all those stats existed, did you?)

  • Instead, a new "critical" stat has been introduced that increases the bonus damage weapon minigames give.

      • Knife: Each attack will randomly critically strike, similar to the old system.

      • Bow: Perfectly accurate attacks will critically hit. Higher awareness increases the margin for error.

      • Axe: Better timing leads to more damage. The Axe has the most extreme damage margins and also benefits the most from the critical stat.

      • Sword: The faster the slash, the more damage is dealt.

      • Scythe: The more the target(s) overlap with the arc, the more damage they take.

      • Lance: The faster the thrust, the more damage is dealt. Knockback also decreases if you take too long.

New Sanity Decay System:

    • Every day on the Island will slowly increase the rate of Sanity loss. The increase will be unnoticeable for a long while, but taking too long to complete your journey may come to haunt you (all previous saves will behave as though you've spend 0 minutes on the island).

    • Your Willpower reduces the decay speed.

    • Base trauma gain from sanity is slower.


  • Fixed an issue with descriptions sometimes being drawn below other visual elements.

    • Fixed a display error that could cause hitboxes to be place wildly far away from their intended location.

  • Fixed a timing issue that made the game run very slowly on certain setups.

  • Fixed a softlock that could occur in the Stone Statues puzzle.

  • Fixed a bug with the Siren's boss theme failing to change its pitch as the battle raged on.

    • Fixed an issue with the music pitch becoming strange if you died in certain circumstances.

  • Fixed the camera zooming off center when in fullscreen.

  • Fixed an issue where the witch could still attack you for stealing even when dead.

  • Fixed a bug with the Back, Choice, and Next buttons sometimes lingering when they weren't supposed to.

    • Fixed a bug where units could be clicked when your mouse was not inside the map area.

    • Fixed a bug that could cause strange auto-save behavior if you quit the game with the skill tree open.

    • Fixed a bug that was causing some status effects to fail to update.

    • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if the option file was corrupted.

    • Fixed a bug that was making the Misted Harbor music stop playing even after clearing the chapel.

    • Fixed a rarer save failure bug when items were still on the field.

    • Fixed a bug that let you open multiple menus at the same time.

    • Fixed a bug where a certain Lady could spawn on top of you unfairly.

    • Fixed a bug with the Blast Potion showing its range incorrectly.

    • Fixed a bug with weather effects not updating in certain cases.

    • Fixed a rare bug that could cause some elements in lists to disappear.

    • Fixed a bug with the Ghost Scythe sometimes failing to undo its stat changes on unequip. Old saves that were already affected might be stuck with the changes - you can send me your file if that seems to be the case.

    • Fixed a bug where Conniving could trigger more than once per day.

    • Fixed a bug where Serenity was accidentally giving more regen than expected.

    • Fixed a bug that could occur when encountering the Lady while crossing over the City Overpass.


  • Improved bullet object collision detection.

  • The offering in Misted Harbor now states how much Gold you will give.

  • Choice buttons are now a bit higher than Next/Back buttons.

  • Combat Turn icons only pan to their unit when clicked now.

  • White Walkway now costs Sanity to walk away from.

  • When opening the Skill Tree for the first time, it zooms out one level. It's zoom is now independent from the map's.

  • Splash Screen is better centered.

  • Spear renamed to Lance.

  • Blast Potion costs 10 more gold.

  • It's easier to lie to the Innkeeper (but it's still hard).

  • Added highlights to some item drops.

  • The Jerky gives less energy.

  • Various areas are more consistent even if you enter into them from odd angles.

  • Keen Eye has been renamed to Eye of Avarice, and it's icon was changed.

  • Fixed typos.

Version 0.4.11 - Notes

This is a big one, especially because this game's GameMaker build was updated, causing some... happy accidents along the way. Good news is, the build is now 64-bit which should mean minor performance boosts for everyone (except for that one guy still relying on 32-bit builds, you can't play anymore. Sorry, it's out of my hands). Bad news is hopefully none, but I'll be watching for new bug reports.

Also, we now have a wiki!


  • Agility Rework:

    • Much less effect on turns at low Agility.

    • Less effective on turns when two units have a large Agility disparity.

    • Less effect on Move Range, and base Move Range has been increased at low Agility levels.

  • Haste now gives +10% more turns in addition to its Time effects.

  • Move Range Skills only give +15% Move Range.

  • Mistwalker deals less damage and has less defense.

  • Damage Rework:

    • New damage formula that should also make damage descriptions easier to understand.

    • With this in mind, almost all of the skill ratios have changed, so I won't note any that have basically the same final numbers. The ones that have changed:

      • Steadfast costs +1 MP and scales damage reduction based on your Willpower.

      • Ignite costs +1 MP and scales entirely off Intelligence.

      • Surge does not scale with Awareness anymore (less damage), but has a higher range.

    • Damage descriptions now ignore your Attack and just add up your base stat total. This should be more understandable anyway, since Defense had to be ignored and the predicted numbers were always wildly higher than the actual damage dealt.

  • Axe now gives -1 Agility and more Attack.

  • Spear now gives +1 Defense.

  • Ruby Ring now gives +1 Defense.

  • Blast Potion deals 20% less damage.

  • Siren Fight Rebalance:

    • The pace should be much faster already due to the Agility changes, but Siren also dies about ~15% faster, Guardians die about ~35% faster and give less XP.

    • Siren's AI has been reworked. Most notably she will use secondary Hailstorms a bit later in the fight.

    • Enchain now has a chance to lower CON/HP.

    • Siren will use Freeze a bit more earlier on, but will completely stop after the second Hailstorm.

    • Guardian's base damage is MUCH higher, but damage to Siren remains relatively unchanged. The goal was to keep the Guardian strategy effective, but requiring a build that can survive the damage.

    • Guardian's attack is slightly longer and wider.

    • When picking up equipment, a prompt will ask if you'd like to instantly equip it this turn.

  • Status Effect Rework:

    • Status effects have been heavily simplified. Now, when your turn ends, all of them tick down by 1 (Originally, debuffs would tick down on every unit's turn, which was just confusing in practice). With this in mind:

      • Devour now only lasts for 3 turns.

      • Blast Potion only stuns for 1 turn.

      • Ice Shard only Chills for 2 turns.

      • Freeze only stuns for 1 turn.

      • Ignite only lasts for 1 turn.

    • Status Effects still have no visual indicator, sorry. Just have a good memory I guess.


  • New Event + Combat in Cold Gates

    • This new encounter will test your Willpower and Sanity unlike any other enemy. And I don't just mean in-game: for anyone who felt the horror elements of this game were lacking, you might enjoy this (or maybe you won't? That is the point of horror after all).

  • A new, very powerful Scythe drop tied to the above.

  • Descriptions have been added to all Clickable Items and Combat Items. Combat Items require you to click them for their description (clicking again removes it), but you change this in options to just hovering.

  • Weapons now display their stats and passives in their description.

  • Both the WIP Item Slot Skills have been replaced by the Manic and Serenity Skills (Item Slots will be permanent improvements via Gold instead, should fit much better anyway).

  • Recursion effect slightly changed, and now works.


  • Fixed a bug that has been preventing Choices from highlighting when hovering their corresponding Node.

  • Fixed a bug that could allow the Autosave to skip fights.

  • Fixed a bug that could allow the Autosave to softlock fights (ouch).

  • Fixed a bug that kept SkillNodes clickable when a popup was on screen.

    • Fixed a bug with the opening transitioning music into combat (pitch lines up with normal music and should match the tempo properly).

    • Fixed a bug where the Back button would sometimes stay on screen when it shouldn't.

    • Fixed a bug with Elements reacting to the mouse while the map was being dragged around.


  • HP/SP/EP all keep their original percentage when adjusting (e.g. 6/10 -> 12/20)

  • Pickup / Retreat options, when available, now appear at the top of the command list.

  • Noted that Counter doesn't work, because it hasn't and I forgot to say it.

  • Alleyways / Black Knight now show up on the map instead of being hidden. Previous saves might behave a little wonky the first time you see them if you go back. The Alleyways have been renamed to Lowtown to avoid confusion.

  • Fixed typos.

Version 0.4.10 - Notes


  • Completely rebuilt the Combat Text Engine. The old version had many limitations in what it could display, and the new one... doesn't. With that in mind, if I've done my job correctly you should only notice there being more info (sometimes a bit too much, but that's for another update). If anything seems broken, let me know.

  • Sanity / Energy changes are now logged.

  • Healing (both natural and life steal) are now logged.

  • Area of Effect attacks now log individual hits correctly.

  • Buffs / Debuffs are now logged.

  • Some enemies now have unique responses each time they are damaged.

  • Items now can have unique messages when used. Most don't yet, but they could.

  • Stun / Wait / Equip / Unequip / Pick-Up action messages no longer pause combat.


  • Fixed broken discord link. Sorry about that! Just in case, here's a working link:

  • Fixed a lingering ? that still appeared with the altar.

  • Fixed a lingering ? with the Sky Sire if you never met him.

  • Fixed a bug that made Left/Right Guardians think they were the same unit.


  • Robbed Altar gives significantly less gold.

  • Robbed Altar has new offering text.

  • If you rob the altar, a new route to power the elevator unlocks.

  • Guardian Puzzle gives less XP but more gold.

  • Combat move speed lowered slightly.

  • Sky Sire has a lot less application chance to make resistance more effective against him.

Version 0.4.9 - Notes


  • New Save Menu controls. No longer uses Right/Middle Click, instead a popup asks what you'd like to do (see image). It then asks if you're sure afterward, but an option now exists to turn this check off if you prefer the old 1-click method. This should make the menu more intuitive and work better on more machines.

  • On that note, the title of the menu is now just "Saves" instead of the monstrosity it used to be.

  • Right and Middle Click now behave as Left Click everywhere. Use whichever button you prefer most.

  • If the file doesn't exist, Load/Delete do not show up as choices, and Save is replaced with Overwrite.

  • If on the Title Screen or in Combat, Save does not show up as a choice.


  • Fixed a bug with Sanity Effects sometimes not applying new text effects to the bar.

  • Fixed a bug with a lingering ? with the altar.

  • Fixed a bug with lingering ? with the Sky Sire.

  • Fixed a bug with lingering ! with the Witch.

  • Fixed an oversight where the Siren seemed to briefly revive if you offered the Egg after killing her.


  • Added small credits to end of game demo.

  • The Unstable Music Sanity Effect has been toned down a bit.

  • Clicking new game asks if you're sure now.

Version 0.4.8 - Notes


  • Fixed a softlock that could occur if you saved before a combat scenario began, but after you no longer had a chance to cancel it. Reloading that save would fail to start the combat scenario again.

  • Fixed a bug where, if loading a save that saved during a puzzle, the camera wouldn't focus on the puzzle.

  • Fixed a bug where, if loading a save that saved during a puzzle, and you had already loaded a file that had that puzzle cleared and was on the choices section, the puzzle would automatically complete.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the piano to play strangely if your SFX volume wasn't 100%

  • Fixed a bug where hovering over a choice sometimes would cause it to fail to pan to its destination.

    • Fixed a rare bug that made the instant text setting skip lines.


  • Sanity Effect: Music slowly drops in pitch as your Sanity lowers. At < 1 Sanity, it becomes unstable.

  • Sanity will now have visual indicators as it drops, signifying (somewhat) how bad side effects are becoming.


  • Added more text to the 3rd Altar Puzzle (the locked one) to make the goal more clear.

Version 0.4.7 - Notes


  • Game window now will start with lowered resolution if the display has a lower resolution.

  • Fixed a bug that let the Sky Sire push you through a wall.

  • Fixed a bug that would reset your movement if you pressed "Cancel" on any action after moving.

  • Fixed a bug with a mirrored area not being mirrored.


  • Added text speed slider in options.

  • Added instant-text-scroll option.

  • Base text speed increased globally.


  • The "fullscreen" button changes icon based on whether you are currently in fullscreen or not.

  • Helping a certain old woman now reduces sanity by 1.

  • Siren's Hailstorm now deals 1 sanity damage.

Version 0.4.6 - Notes

Micro-patch, closer to a hotfix. Modifier issues have constituted over half the bugs that have been reported so I wanted to get this out ASAP.


  • Saving/Loading for modifiers completely reworked. This should (hopefully) stop broken modifiers from saving, and if they are, they won't be loaded - just silently tossed into the ether. If you're still having modifier-related crashes after updating let me know.

  • Fixed a bug that could occur when hovering over a choice that had no node attached.

Version 0.4.5 - Notes


  • Fixed a bug that let you equip/unequip more than once in a turn - menu now disappears properly and bag items are no longer accessible until you pass the turn.

  • Fixed a bug with the Cold Gates Houses, where if you checked them, saved and quit, and reloaded the save, checking them again would crash the game.

  • Fixed a bug where, if you saved before picking up the Rope in the Misted Harbor, the rope would vanish.

  • Fixed a bug where, if you saved before finding extra gold near the Inn, the extra gold would disappear.

  • Added extra error checking for various different modifier functions - should hopefully curb some of the bugs users are facing with combat. I'll be focusing more work on combat specifically soon, since it's been the most problematic feature.


  • Options are now saved whenever you click "Back" in Settings or "Quit" the game.


  • Added an "end movement" button to clear up some confusion in combat. Cancel button now resets position.

  • Fixed some typos

Version 0.4.4 - Notes


  • Your gold and time were not being properly saved. This issue should be solved now, but unfortunately everyone will likely have 30 gold and be on day 1 no matter their save.

    Saves are located in AppData/Local/Dark_Egg (you can get there easily with Windows+R and searching for %appdata%). Send me an email at + your save, and I'll fix it up to match whatever your previous values were!

  • Fixed some crashes with undefined modifiers in a save.

  • Made autosave much more resilient to crashes/corruption bugs. It's still new, but now any time something goes wrong during the process the autosave will simply cancel the save overwrite. Thanks to everyone who's been sending in reports about this.


  • Dark Egg now has a Discord Server! There's a button in the top right to go to it. This should make discussion/feedback/bug reporting easier for everyone.

  • Version number now displays on bottom right of title screen.

  • Fullscreen now has a popup to confirm your display change settings.

  • The hidden puzzle in Cold Gates now gives much more XP than before, since it's been consistently stumping players that found it. Since it's optional, I chose to just up the reward for those willing to figure it out.

Version 0.4.3 - Notes

Dark Egg is now finally on Steam! If you'd prefer to download it there, here's the page.

Bugfixes (there's going to be a lot of these going forward, aren't there?)

  • There was a big loading bug that could occur if a player saved during an internal event, causing the game to permanently "softlock" that save file - clicking "next" would cause a crash. Thanks to whoever sent that report, hopefully all those situations have been cleaned. If anyone runs into anything like that again, don't hesitate to let me know!

  • Fixed a bug where, if you loaded a game in the middle of a combat action, the map would stay paused.

  • Fixed a bug that was a causing a crash at the end of the Sky Sire fight (though more generally due to a bug with leftover buffs/debuffs after a fight finished)

  • Fixed a bug that let you unlock the Cold Gates forever and gain +15 XP for doing it (power leveling anyone?)

    • Fixed a bug with a certain variable that needed more saving than previously thought.

  • Fixed some potential undefined errors that could occur with paging through some text.


  • Food prompts for the Thin Man now appear even when you don't have proper offerings available.

  • Added simple autosave feature to help some players who ran into crashes. The file updates whenever you enter a new location, so hopefully it can catch a backup of your save after a surprise crash. The feature might be expanded on in the future.

  • Fullscreen switch is now a button in top-right, similar to the normal Windows button. Original options button now controls whether the game starts in fullscreen (except options aren't saved yet so that's a lie. Will be fixed soon.)

  • Fixed some odd AI quirks with Sky Sire. Should spam Freeze less, and gains a burst of MP when he runs out so he can keep fighting after using his "defend" spell.

Version 0.4.2 - Notes


  • Fixed a major bug with saving, where the save sometimes forgot your max HP/SP and would cap your current HP/SP back to what they were when starting a new game. Sorry to anyone who saved before a big fight!

  • Fixed a bug with some puzzles duplicating their item drops when completed.

  • Fixed a bug where some Items became corrupted and unusable.

  • Fixed a bug with the Item Menu crashing upon opening, due to the above Item corruption. It now handles such a situation much more gracefully, and will give you a chance to report the bug if it ever happens again.

  • Fixed a crash that was occurring if you hovered over a certain boss while it was dying.

  • Fixed a small SFX bug that occurred if the Soul Stone was used too early in a certain location.

  • Fixed an SFX bug that occurred when you slept at the Inn.


  • Rewrote part of the code for menu popups to fix performance issues on some systems.

  • Moved some locations on the map so they were easier to see / read.

  • Added various popup messages.

Version 0.4.1 - Notes


  • The location of saves from the previous version has changed. To move your old saves, enter %AppData% into File Explorer or in the Run app (Windows + R). It should take you to "AppData/Roaming".

  • From here, go up one folder and go to "AppData/Local/TextAdventure". Move any files in here to "AppData/Local/Dark_Egg".

  • Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • Added fullscreen option.

  • Added a button in the top right corner to report bugs.

  • When asked to confirm a choice, the old, external window dialogue boxes have been replaced with built-in overlays. Should look and behave better.

  • When leaving the skill menu after an edit, added an option that lets you continue editing.

  • If items are unusable, they now tell you instead of just doing nothing.

  • Fixed various typos, changed some button names.

  • Soul Stones can now be used, at a price.


  • Rain becoming very loud at some points in Misted Harbor.

  • Save descriptions failing to update after combat in some cases.

Version 0.4.0 - Notes

  • First open-beta release. Explore the first chapter of The Dark Egg story.